Michal Masařík Web application developer and programmer.
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About me

I am a trained mechanic of machines, who works as an operator, adjuster and programmer of CNC machines with the FANUC system.

Development of web applications and programming is one of my hobbies, which I have been developing in my free time since high school. I have many orders behind me, which mainly concerned the modification of already finished web templates and the addition of their PHP functions. However, complete internet presentations are no exception for me.

I have knowledge in creating responsive websites with the help of CSS3 and HTML5, design and work with MySQL tables and programming languages such as JS and PHP.

Other programming languages

I enjoy programming, so once in a while I like to browse the waters of other programming languages, such as C++, Python and Lua, unfortunately I only know these languages at the level of creating for fun.

Other important knowledge

• Basic image editing, creation of graphics and promotional flyers in the program Adobe Photoshop.
• My main job is machining on CNC machines, so I can set up, operate and adjust milling machines (3 axes + divider) with the FANUC system, read technical drawings, measure with common gauges, micrometers and a manual 3D touch probe.
• I can do basic drawing in AutoCAD, modeling parts in Solidworks and then generate technical drawings.
Picture of a vice in Solidworks Picture of a raspberry pi box

Job offers

If you have any questions, offers for cooperation or need to request an order, you can contact me without any worries.

Public references




Editing the template according to the customer's needs and working with its content.

Where now?

You can look at my projects and creations for fun